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Grande Ecole Program

Program duration
3 to 4 years
Degree level
Participants who successfully complete the Grande Ecole program graduate with a Master’s degree recognized by the French government (RNCP level 1).
Entry requirements
Two to three year undergraduate degree
Teaching location
12 rue Pierre Sémard 38000 Grenoble

By enrolling at Grenoble Ecole de Management, you will be joining a leading business school that has earned international recognition for the efficiency and value of its education program. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the school’s unique position as an expert on the management of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Grenoble Ecole de Management, we are committed to providing you with the means to:

  • Understand, analyze, anticipate and think differently about the many complex situations you will encounter throughout a career.
  • Build a coherent career plan that matches your ambitions and market demands.
  • Develop your personality, creativity and innovative spirit.

Upon graduating, Grande Ecole students are awarded a DESMA (French higher education degree for management studies), which is recognized by the French government and equivalent to a Master’s degree.

Choose, Create and Experiment

During the Grande Ecole program, you will have three to four years during which you may create the learning experience of your dreams.

Graduation Statistics

77% of graduates found a job within two months (data from 2017)
55% found jobs related to international operations
Salary (with bonuses) after graduation: <34k€: 22% | 34k€ - 42k€: 51% | >€42,000 : 27%

99%of graduates are employed six months after graduation

20% begin their career abroad

See career statistics (PDF)

Career Services

Throughout the Grande Ecole program, students receive counseling and support to prepare their career.

  • The Center for Personal and Managerial Development helps students plan and prepare their career projects.
  • The Careers, Alumni and Employer Relations service (CARE) helps students organize their strategy and methods to find internships and jobs. The team provides students with support to join the job market. CARE stays in close contact with companies from all industries in order to facilitate student access to internship and job offers. The service organizes recruitment forums, events to meet with companies, and a wide variety of tools to help with résumés, motivation letters and interview preparation.

The GEM Alumni and GEM Graduate Network also work to maintain a solid network of alumni around the world with events and communities in every country with alumni. Most alumni events, both personal and professional, are open to students.

Most students holding non-French Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees should apply via


Martin Zahner

Students whose level of French is sufficient may also apply via French entrance exams and application processes (See French admissions page).